delay techniques

The leading guitarists across the world have always used delay techniques to improve the enjoyment of listeners. Even the music lovers say that nothing seems better than deep, passionate tone of delay sound. Hence, it can turn a normal music into something amazing; every guitarist wants to try it. Without any knowledge of how to get a perfect delay sound on guitar, you may spoil the whole impression of produced music. Professional guitarists always try to prevent producing bad delay sound because it seems similar as nails on chalkboard. You need to pay attention to a few important things and learn perfect delay techniques to make it sound better. These are a few important tricks, which you must follow to create delay sound.

Choose a perfect delay type

type delay pedal

A number of delay pedals are available in the market that can produce various impressive delay sounds. What type of delay you want to add in the track? Have you picked it or planning to produce something instantly? You must pick the delay type before producing the music. The famous delay types like Edge, Slapback, Wet, and Hendrix are widely applied by guitarists before. Some guitarists also produce school dub to introduce something new in their track. The delay pedal of this age has offered many new types of delays that you can add in the track.

Focus on tone darkening

Newbie guitarists always try for delay, but their echo type sound feels really unappealing. You are not using delay to reduce the impression of your sound, so try to focus on tone darkening. You can use the digital tools to keep it dark and create a better sound. You can pull down the LPF slider and thus you can generate desired results. The delay pedal offers option of keeping the tone dark. Use that option to finely mix delay in your track.

Using EQ

It is a great idea to add EQ after Delay in your track. You can easily tailor the output of delay to make it perfectly according to your track. Usually, expert guitarists apply EQ to enhance the frequency that they want to maintain in the track. They simply clutch the band off, pull it up to receive required EQ sound. EQ allows you to add something extra in the track, which increases its beauty and feel.


One of the simplest ways of producing effective delay sound is panning it to a selected point in the region of stereo. This technique produces a feeling of sonic space in the music you are producing by using the delay. Practice it daily and then you can pan full left or right according to the requirement of the music and thus you will get a perfect delay for your mix.

The guitarists of our age use multiple delay pedals to get what they want to produce. You should also try to use the delay pedal to produce required delay for your mix. Some days of practice is required and things will be quite handy for you.